What Cause Online Hookup Relationship So Popular?

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Let's start by defining hookup, people commonly state it as an act of sexual encounter. Is it just that? The answer is no. When two strangers get in touch within a short span of time and end up in some kind of physical relation, this can be called a hookup. Here partners can be complete strangers or acquaintance. Lack of commitment is the basic thing that defines a hookup relation.

Recent studies have shown that 70% of men and 50% of woman are ready for hookups. These statistics are pretty high when compared with that of last decade or two. This shows an increased affinity for hookup relationships.

Why this growing affinity?

In this fast-moving world, people are not ready to compromise for commitment. This trend has led to the evolution of hookup or uncommitted sexual encounter. Studies have shown that men have more interest in hook up relations. People are not ready to get emotionally attached to another person. Materialistic priorities just degraded the human bond and nobody is ready to take effort and make a long-lasting relationship.

Self-centered priorities have made people choose hookups. Commitments are always a burden when thinking from the selfish point of view. There is diversified reason for this much increase in hookup relationships. This process is now becoming normal among adolescents and young adults. Not just the young adult’s people of mid-30s are also looking for hookups.

No one is ready to face an emotional breakdown caused due to commitment. The current generation of youngsters has their own priorities and dreams, which they are not willing to compromise for anyone or anything. People are having their own things to do in this fast-moving world. Human body always has sexual cravings. In order to satisfy this, the best options are hookups. Hookup gives you an option for uncommitted casual sex.

Youngsters of this age are completely indulged in hookup relationships irrespective of age. Purpose and motives vary with people, but the process remains the same. This rise in trend has resulted in the development of many dating sites and application. These websites are like a gateway to meet and greet new people who share the same interests.

Hookup relationships have an easy advantage of moving on. Nowadays people are getting into relations because of certain motives. Sex is the prime factor in these kinds of relationships. A decade ago the percentage of women getting involved in hookups was less. But now the trend has shifted, more and more people are ready for hook up relationships. It’s more of a trial and error technique where the idea of holding on to one person doesn’t exist.

Advantages of hook up

  • Fewer constraints
  • No emotional dilemma
  • Full-fledged freedom
  • No commitment required
  • Guaranteed sexual encounter

Youngsters of this age are all open for hookup relations. Age was once a constraint, but this trend has gone through many phases and now evolved into a much more stable state. Age doesn’t matter anymore. In the upcoming years more and more people will get involved in hook up relationships. People are being exposed to new trends and technology is like a bridge for getting people connected to each other.

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